hey guys, i have just made an AWESOME new trials movie and im dieing to get it on the gallerys. But i upload it and the i click on it to watch it and it says “file not Found”.

its super irratating and ive tried quite a few times.

just lookin for some help. and is their a size limit? i think its somewhere around 28,000 kb or 28 mb.

thanks for your help :smiley:

I was wondering what was up with the empty album. I’m dying to see it. I don’t know anything about the gallery though. Please someone answer his questions!


Ps. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your signature, but I think the japanimation could be left out. That’s my opinion anyway.
But other than that it was awesome.

I just got an idea. Again I don’t know anything and am not sure if it’ll work or not. What if you broke the video up a bit? Mkae it have chapters or something? Just a thought, might not be what you’re looking for though.


Are you sure it uploaded completely? I think there is a limit on the gallery, but it’s about 500 MB.
Try PMing Gilby.

umm… this has nuthing to do with the trailer problems, but i was amazed by the video below austs post. i happen to be a major stick figure fan, so that made the video all the better. WOW.

Bump. I wanna see more videos.

lol, thanks guys. ya i think i might just break it into chapters or something, its an awesome video and i will try to post it ASAP.

and the stick animation is awesome! sadly i didnt make it myself…

i found it on some other forum, i think it was a paintball one.

thanks, and if you know anything else on the subject of uploading, please post.