I just stumbled upon this video when i was going through the galleries. This guy goes pretty big! He deserves some recognition! :smiley:

You should do a little search for ‘Unirogue’ 2, 3, and 4 as well. All excellent movies available for download. There are some amazing ups in that one!


I watched unirogue 2, all 4 parts from the download. Those are really amazing videos. Is that all Trevor? It is really surprising that 95% of that footage is trials, and Trevor says he doesnt have respect for trials riders. Hmm.

Oh yes, sorry. I meant Unirogue 2 with the 4 parts.

Trev definately has the moves, he’s probably the best UK rider right now

notice how he never does any seat-out jumping. very impressive! his rolling hop must be plenty high enough to get onto the hood of a car, as Dan Heaton does in the famous video.