Check out our first video. Note: We have only been unicycling for 2 weeks. Please leave comments!

Only riding for two weeks?! It usually takes people that long to learn how to ride. If you’ve truly been riding for only two weeks then that’s impressive. :slight_smile: Congrats on learning so quickly. As far as videos go though there’s not much interesting compared to all the excellent ones that people make. Also the color is fairly washed out.

Thanks. We truely have only ridden for 2 weeks. Over two hours a day most days. We are turning the brightness down and taking off the time and redoing stuff to make it look better. The final version will be done tonight or tomorrow! Thanks.

just testin my avatar

just testin my avatar

Great movie. The color isa bit washed out, but I love the music selection. Awesome riding for only 2 weeks.

There is a test forum if you want to check your avitar and stuff


The best part was when you did that behind the bush running thing at the end.


Sorry I can’t download it… I goit bandwith limits. Can anyone just roughly say what kind of things they are doing in it?

I was having trouble downloading it earlier. Now I see “This album is empty”.

I get an empty album also.


now the avitar is straightened away, i’d like to say nice, video, the colour was as stated before, a bit washed out, however i did not like the music totally, but it kept buffering. I’ve been riding about a month, and would like to know how to upload pics, if anyone could tell me, id appreciate it a lot.

I took the video off because we made a final version. Im uploading the final version now. How long should it take for it to upload 29 megabites???!!! Its taken over an hour already!

they are doing fairly simple things. Freemounting, riding down curbs, some hopping. The most impressive thing i saw was maybe a 2 foot drop. The hedge thing someone talked about was a guy rode behind a long bush so you could only see him from the waist up. He swung his arms like he was running.

Aerosmith is great. :slight_smile:

It’s the EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES UNICYLE VIDEO!. The album is empty but many are talking about it like its there… Ooh its so good … :wink:

Haha nah it was there I saw it. It was good I’m glad you made a movie insead of just video clips like some people do (cough james potter cough) but yeah thats great riding for 2 weeks.

Sorry James I had to pick on some one for that alot of other people do the same.

I am making a movie because my friend just got a video capture card. I already started a gallary nothing really in it though but there will be coming soon.(end of plug)

Can sum1 please tell me how to upload pictures? ive got a huge crank climb i want to show

Thanks alot Rayden! And guys I would like to say now, that even though I havn’t seen the video you sound pretty good already. Took me a while to learn to hop and 2 foot drop probably took me about 4 weeks. So you guys are progressing alot faster than I am!

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I still see a message telling me the album is empty. Is it up somewhere else?