Can anyone help me with something please? I have tried downloading some of Jeff lutkus’ videos,eg, from the NUC archive, and they download fine, but when i come to play them, using windows media player, i hear the sound, but on the screen all that is shown is something called ‘musical colours’. Any ideas how i can see stuff , as i really wanna see Dan Heaton hop onto a car bonnet!!

Thanx for any help you may offer

Jeff’s stuff [and a lot of other video as well] is encoded using the DivX codec - - you will need to download the package that suits [DivX standard is fine], install it and then mediaplayer will be able to play the video.


Thanx for your help on that one, those vids are incredible.

This stuff has been up for a while but it’s really worth seeing if you haven’t already.

I really love the:

I wish Kris would do a TV series… I just wish he’d done a “basic” workshop [for beginers]

great material! [thanks Jeff & Kris]


AARGH!! I want to see those vids so bad, but all I’ve got is a stupid 56K modem!!! . . . DSl. . . . . broadband. . . all but a dream. . . .

patience… i did the whole lot over dial-up 56k - it just takes time.


Ya… I had to burn 'em at work (24k, here); my desk sits next to a node on Sprints fiber optic trunk- if Jeff retained a faster server, I could have streamed 'em in real time. As it was, I had to wait 5 or 10 sec’s to buffer. :slight_smile: