Video: VanUni Summer Trials

Footage from 3 vanuni rides:
Brentwood Bay trials on Vancouver Island, hosted by Bryon / Koxx
Science World trials with an appearence by Irene
Unicycle Hockey at Sunset Beach

Although it was our first unicycle hockey game, I think its safe to claim we’re the best team in all of British Columbia! Its a lot of fun, and gathered a crowd of onlookers/photographers.


cool, uni hockey…looks like you guys had fun.

Nice vid, but I think your muni ones are more fun to watch. I’m probably biased though.

Where did Jeanine get that shirt?

Rock on Oingo Boingo! They’re the best. I’ve always wanted to try uni hockey. I’d like to get a 36er too…

Re muni… ya, I figured that. But we can do muni every week. I try to show something people havent seen… in this one, some hockey.

I asked Jeanine about the shirt, and this is what she said:

emmmm… this T-shirt is from the worldchampion ship so it was japans t-shirt :slight_smile: and i just bought a few from the swiss team and than we traded :slight_smile: so i traded with japan :slight_smile: i dont think you can buy them like that :frowning: but maybe you could contact with a somebody from japan who was on the worldchampionship :)!!!
greetings jeanine

Good to see someone recognizes the music :slight_smile:

We just did uni hockey again tonight. This time indoors… our first ever ride in a gym. We had 4 on 4. Its alot of fun.

Below is a picture of some onlookers.


that was a real cool video uni hockey looks so fun.

I received a disturbing letter that I think we should all be aware of:

I know we’re not using google video, now that vimeo and youtube have higher quality. But youtube is also google, I thought this is a dangerous precedent, that we shouldn’t let slide. So I filled in the form and I now see they have put back the google video version.

Since we obviously film and act in our own videos, the issue must be music.
The term “fair use” is used for unapproved use of copyright material. I think what we do, encourages the music industry, but here are a few suggestions to keep within the bounds

  1. use music that is legally acquired.
  2. change it in some way. cut it short and/or allow your clip audio thru. If you include the full song unchanged without overlayed audio, it can be construded as ‘selling’ the song.
  3. credit the band, so people that like the music, can buy a copy of the CD.
    This has no legal merit, but I just think if fair. Especially to smaller bands.

If worst comes to worst, we’ll have to use copyright free music, and/or post in a more private way to satisify fair use. But that would be a huge step backward, both for us, in sharing our art, and the music industry, who benefit from videos made to their music.

Dude, you videos always rock, once again you have hit a home run, Fun video fur sur

Thanks. But the reason I posted a response on this thread is that google is suggesting a copyright issue - apparently with the music. Using music in videos is common practice, and I think falls into “fair use” - check the wikipedia on that for details. Although they restored the video, this is their response:

In my videos, I don’t tend to mute the video audio, so its not a clean copy of the song. And this one has an intro with bag pipes. So their identification still matches, despite quite a bit of change.

If its just Universal being butt heads, I guess I’ll look for and avoid buying music from them. Pity… I always liked Danny Elfman.

good variety
i want that see-saw!

After I complained, google unblocked this video. But they’ve blocked 4 others - Pipeline, CBCUncut and Circus. Presumably because they had music in them.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?