Video upload!

I’ve never had a problem uploading my videos to my gallery, until this one. I started the upload process last night, and kept getting a pop-up saying, “document contains no data”. This would usually pop up after about 5-10 minutes after the upload began. Then on the 5th or 6th attempt, it seemed to be working properly, and several hours had passed (it usually takes hours for me to upload a large video file because I have dial-up), and I went to bed. Then this morning I was hoping to see that it had “successfuly uploaded” the video, (as usual) but no; there was now a weird page that showed a bunch of “error” messages. Does ANYBODY know what could be wrong? Could this website be having problems? I don’t know what to do to get this video uploaded to my gallery. (a really cool new muni vid showing me capturing and “holding” a Diamondback Rattler!) :thinking: :frowning:

PS: In case anyone needs to know, it’s a standard WMV video format, as usual for me. I also “compressed” it down to about 40mb from the original 64mb. That shouldn’t be causing the upload problem because I’ve compressed my videos before.

Ok great! I’m uploading a low-res version of the nearly SIX minute video now…as a test. I will upload the full 64mb hi-res version if this smaller one successfully uploads. :smiley: