Video: University of BC

UBC video

UBC has lots of great riding areas including
Trials around campus shown in Defect
Wreck Beach, which Kris calls the worlds best natural trials
and an extensive trail system of cross country.

We have 3 visitors to Vancouver:
Don from Quesnel. This was his first trials ride. He learned to hop mount and do stairs.
Brett from Melbourne. He just learned ride, and I show a clip of his first ride on a 20".
Jeanine is a student from Switzerland.

There were 3 locations
UBC campus trials, which is most of the video
Rice Lake, which I couldnt attend, so just a group photo.
San Francisco - I was at a conference by day, and practiced tricks at night. There are great urban parks, but they had signs posted “NO MUNI” :slight_smile:

Filmed by my son John, so I get more air time than usual / wanted. But I hope I did at least one trick you haven’t seen. New for me: zig zag up the stairs, one foot hop up curb, cross leg 1 foot hop, frame hopping?

Music by Nelly Furtado. I’d been thinking about Enya, but Nelly’s latest single is more topical… shes from Victoria,BC and performing in Vancouver in 2 weeks. Slower pace suited our simple riding and filming style. A melencholy tune says friendship.

Hope you enjoy. Feedback always welcome.

woo, victoria b.c. ohh i might be comming over to van on saturday to ride at UBC anyone interested in comming?

We seem to have an out of town rider almost every ride this year… its great!
Looking forward to riding with you Saturday!

your neighbors below that freakin’ BITCHIN’ apartment of yours must just LOVE you.

oh, nice vid, too.

yeah, no kidding, do you get yelled at lots or not hop in your flat often?

The hotel has concrete floors, so no worries about sound. I just had to be careful not to break anything. Its safer without pedals.

I was wondering if anyone rides downtown SanFran? Yerba Buena looked great, but had ‘no biking’ signs.