Video: "Uni Geezer's 36er Mounting tutorial" (supplement)

Just a quickie to show this new kind of mount I came up with for a 36er; I call it the “Pull up chest mount”. It may have likely already been done on smaller wheeled unis, but I like it because it’s fairly easy to master, and is quite a stable type of mount!

You basically tilt the uni back about 45 degrees, lean forward and put your chest on the saddle, then using both hands, hold onto the tire with one hand in front of the frame, the other in back to “lock” the wheel. Then roll yourself (forward) up over the top to CG, at the same time putting both feet to the pedals at the same time! Then roll away!

There’s a couple other mounts and I try a 270 hoptwist on my 36er! Check it out.:smiley:

keep that inpirational riding going geezer boy. I never played on a Coker.

I like the sunblocker off your helmet----It keeps you from becoming a redneck geezer. I have a hat like that for the ocean. Geezers are wise.

oh yeah don’t forget this twilight zone episode:
RUN! JUMP! …I can’t play “kick the can” alone!

Haha, another quote: “Take me with you, take me with you!!”

Another cool one Terry. I’m waiting for a Radial ride through a Target store.


Thanks Marty. You won’t have to wait that long…!:smiley:

I’d love to see this video, but it’s removed from You Tube

I’ve got a 36" and want to see how you do this.


Haha, that’s ancient (I know, like me, lol!) and more than 2 years ago. I have a few other 36er mounting tutorials.

Here’s the first one I made. It’s had a lot of views but there’s no real instruction.

This one is more step by step: