Video Tutorial Request - Front Spins and Back Spins

I want to be able to do Front Spins and Back Spins but notice there are zero video tutorials available. I have found written tips and video demonstrations, but no “How To” videos whatsoever. To provide examples and perhaps inspire someone, I’ve provided some links of people doing them.

Kaori Matsuzawa (Front and Back spins at 0:23)

Peter Rosendahl (Front Spin at 0:46 and 3 Wheeler Back Spin at 3:49)

Bruno ??? (Front and Back Spins at 1:12)

Leo Vandewoestijne (IUF Demonstrations)
Front Spin:
Back Spin:

I’m curious if it is easier to learn on a smoother surface, like a basketball court. I’d also like to know if leaning is involved vs just torquing the torso 180 degrees. I notice the most impressive spins (to me) are done while going in somewhat of a circle.

Any tips appreciated, but I’d really be blown away if somebody would create a video tutorial. Otherwise I’d be keen to see more videos of freestylers doing them.

This may help, but I haven’t tried spinning yet so wouldn’t know…


That’s a different trick altogether, but somebody else may find it fun.

Thanks anyway.

How is that not the beginnings of learning toward the trick you’re wanting to do? Eventually you would move on from having to use the pole…

I can’t do front and back spins anywhere close to as smooth as the videos you linked, but I can do them, and would be willing to make a tutorial video, if needed.


You could be right, but none of the tips I’ve read from people that can do it suggest using a pole. I think that video would be better for someone wanting to learn how to pirouette.

The best thread I’ve found so far for front and back spins is this one:


I’d be more than happy to watch your tutorial even if you cannot do them as smooth as the videos I posted. Thanks!

Ahh I think I see now… I’ll leave it to someone who knows what they’re on about then lol!

Looking forward to the vid SuperBant :slight_smile:

What I see in the videos are not spins but something we call swirl in german. Spin is a circle ridden so narrow that the upper body remains in position and just rotates around it’s axis.
What I see in your posted videos is a combination of front turn - back turn. It’s just like if you ride half a revolution spin fwd, half a revolution spin bwd, and so on. You feet idle while doing this (half revolution fwd, half rev. bwd)
There are two ways to practice this:

  1. ride a line an do a front turn and then a back turn and so on and try to shorten the distance between the turns to zero.
    2 ride a spin fwd, stop pedaling, let your weight fall to the outside and do a spin bwd and so on. Then try to shorten the time you ride each spin (fwd/bwd) until every spin is just half a pedal revolution.

First way is way easier, at least for me.

Eric aus Chemnitz,

Perhaps I should have clarified a point. The Peter Rosendahl video shows a proper front spin and back spin. Kaori Matsuzawa and Bruno perform something beyond that. I assume you are referring to that concept as “swirling”, maybe not. Clearly these skills are not sought after in the US as much as they are abroad.

So “swirling”, if I understand you correctly, is what I ultimately aspire to. I realize that I can only do that if I master front and back spins first. I’m realizing now I probably need to improve my backward skills first. Currently I can transition from forward to backward and backward to forward, but cannot ride backward in a circle. I suspect that would make front and back spins easier to achieve.


Bring on the video tutorial! You’d get bonus points for throwing in some slow-motion to allow viewers to pay attention to the pedal work while spinning.