Video: Trout Lake

VanUni ride at ‘Trout lake’

The only reason to make/watch this video, is that Tynan has a spectacular fall into the lake.
If you’re looking for skills, look elsewhere. This would be the opposite. One blunder after another. As our official videographer, I’m obliged to record our unfortunate events.


Watching it now.

That lake sounds pretty cocky. Does it come with a garuntee?


hazadous objects below surface.

like trouts?

Kind of fun, but you should have included it in one of your longer vids, IMO.

Thanks for the feedback ski. I know what you mean and agree. But I missed last weeks ride, which would have been great… muni at Veddar Mt with Kris. But the coming weekend is not particularily interesting… we’re going for 2 rides - critical mass and sunset beach. People wanted to see the clip with Tynan going head over heals into the pond.

So I take it you like i when I mix 2 different style videos into one, and alternate. ie muni/freestyle? I got that idea from TV where there are 2 storylines.

The downsides to the long video are

  1. it means at least 2 rides to get the footage. Some people would like to see the last ride asap

  2. it takes alot longer to edit. On average, about 6 hours per video. Long videos are more than 10 hours. Its a lot of time, and my only reward is your feedback.

  3. some people dont have the patience and prefer short clips. Its not hard to make a long video (I could just not edit it). I aim to show you the best 1/6 of the footage. I throw away the redundant, the lame, the preamble.
    I’m aiming to not waste your time, not show you every little thing. Is that wong? I know some people would like to see it all. But I think the vast majority… especially non-unicyclists, would prefer see the key points.
    In this video, there was only one point. Tynan fall ass over tea kettle into the lake. I showed that in the first 5 seconds. Then I showed some other blunders, but showed his falls in slow motions again, in 80 seconds total.

  4. if not done carefully, a long video is boring
    admittedly, my favorites are all long. but I’d rather get to the interesting point.

I’d like to point out our Anne Sophie is back in Vancouver, from Euro tour of 1000km, from Crotia to France, thru Italy. In the credits I call her a Jet Laggart, because she came late, did no tricks, and followed us about the lake. But we’re impressed that she made it and came back to tell, despite rain, jet lag, and a missing unicycle.

you are what your unicycle lets you be


the guy in the yellowish top must be having a realy bad day lol