video : Trial during the French Cup on TV

Have a look on this :

The first unicycle video is about unicycle basketball

but don’t miss the one called :

WATTS YOU : Unicycle
Athletics and trial on a Unicyle … shot by Olivier Rodet (fra)”


It doesn’t work for me. I get to the videos, and select Windows Media as the format but then it doesn’t do anything…it just says 'Ready"


same here

Works for me. That’s a nice 1-footed race at the beginning. That guy on the far right was going so fast. Crazy.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand anything about all these video formats…

I just downloaded “Real Player” for that one

i saw it on Eurosport it was cool. but uni basketball isen’t my style. anyways! awesome!


the trial video is now on page 2