Video Trailer: Progression

Hey here is a short trailer for a video I’m working on. Should be done late August/early September I’m thinking (depends on how lazy I am:) ). Let me know what you think, and if there is any tricks/other things you want to see in it let me know.


Edit: you might want to turn your sound up just a bit for the beginning part to hear the music.

way sweet. cant wait for the vid

Looks cool Jeff. But, there was more black screen than video in that trailer… :stuck_out_tongue:

cool. I can’t wait.

make a trialer when ur shaun… all i gotta say.

Yeh do a crankflip to standup wheelwalk if u can!:smiley: :roll_eyes: That would be awesome. Maybe a few outflips…i think thats what they’re called…yeh they would be awesom.

to be honest i think crankflip to stand up wheel walk is kind of pointless. Isnt the whole point of the crankflip to land back on the pedals after spinning the wheel in the air? If you went in to stand up wheel walk the amount you spin the wheel would be irrelevant because you need to worry about your pedal arrangement at all. What is good is uni spinning into stand up wheel walk. If you can do it from a rolling start it’ll look even better.

In my last movie I did both crankflips and unispins into standup ww. I agree, the crankflip into it is pointless, as long as you know how to flip the wheel and how to jump into stand up ww then its really easy since it makes no difference where the cranks are when you land on it. Mine seemed to still go around exactly 1 rev though I guess out of habit.

Well it is a bit pointless, but try instead of standup ww try wheel posing. Flip them to some sort of wheel pose then drop back down, or trick back down. This means that the cranks have to be in the right spot, elimating the uselessness.

-Shaun Johanneson

yeah, why don’t you ride more like shaun? all i want to see are videos of him or people who ride just like him.

Ya, so the trailer for this wasn’t too good because i just used clips that were already uploaded off the camera. Here are some things you could expect to see though:

crankflips and variations down sets of stairs and off benches
cool freestyle tricks (smiley walk, seat drags, etc…)
maybe a handrail (if i can find a good one)
other cool stuff

Still open to any suggestions. If you liked the Street Freestyle video, this one will be similar, only with much better stuff.

Sorry guys what i meant by the crankflip to standup ww was do the crankflip land it and when you land back on the pedals practically bounce up to the frame to do the standup ww
sorry for the misunderstanding:o

is that ur freestyle routine?

Yeah, those were two clips from it.



I need you abbabibble!!! Post a download link please.

WELCOME TO MEXIVISION! er… DOWNLOADvision! (rightclick the pic)

I liked the Rush soundtrack!!

Ha, yeah I like Rush alot, so expect probably one of there songs for the actually video.

Some updates on the video, I have been far busier then expected and have only filmed a 4-5 things (ive only had time rode twice in the last 3 weeks!) I plan to do some filming this weekend. I could finish the video quickly, but I want it to be really good, so its going to take a little longer.

As for when it will be finished, not sure yet. If you have anything tricks/transistions you would like to see (preferably freestlye/flatland but trials/street is fine) let me know. It will help me know what to film and I might finish quicker.


Doubleflip on flat;)
and a circle on the bc.