video tips and ideas?

hi all,
at my sixth form we are ding some dumb extended project thing, but it turns out i’m allowed to make a video for this…
ive been thinking about it alot and have come to the conclusion that i will make a sort of “day in the life video”
the songs i will be using are,
good day - nappy roots
wasted - goldfinger
and, get close - call the cops
i know call the cops is heavily used but i like it and its not like people in school will have seen many unicycle videos XD
the video will comprise of some trials, and some simple street moves (1 footer, jump mount etc)
i will also be adding in clips of my juggling, fire poi, card tricks, slackline and diablo.

so what do you guys think?
how can i improve this?

Sounds good. Pick the music later, once you’ve seen the footage. It will convey the emotions
Write a rough script with locations you plan to go, props, perhaps plan some interesting things to wear.
Get a camera person so you can be in the film, and perhaps have other people in the video, like your family and a friend.
Film some transitions, so your film will have continuity. Maybe explain where you’re going or point out interesting stuff along the way.
It might help to watch a biography type video first, to get some ideas.
Have fun with it!