Video teasers for our movie (with Tony!)...

Hey Tony, I have several gigabytes of video of you on my computer. :slight_smile: Are you scared?

I’ve transferred about half each of two 80 minute tapes onto the computer. I’ve just made a few little teasers with Windows Movie Maker (so they’re very very basic and poor quality) and put them in the album at . I would have made better quality ones but I couldn’t find the DivX codec in VirtualDub. Any tips?

They’re a little strange without any music but then again you do get to hear Tony dancing and celebrating after cleaning the chute on Number 9. :slight_smile:

Anyway it’s a little taste of what’s in our movie. I’ve got another tape at home that I haven’t put onto the computer. This afternoon I used up about 14 minutes of tape recording rolling see-saw attempts (which you can see in one of the teasers) and I’ll use about 40 seconds of it! :slight_smile:

So yeh, enjoy the teasers. Tony does some great stuff in them! I’m glad I got the chance to film lots of him.

I’m putting them on now so eventually, within 5 minutes or so, there will be 5 teasers.


Re: Video teasers for our movie (with Tony!)…

that was fun
i was watching them at just about the same rate u were uploading them
everytime after i watrched one, i’d refresh the gallery page and a new teaser would pop up

some fun stuff in there

but the last one, ‘outside my house’ contains without a question of a doubt the Suicide Mount to end all Suicide Mounts

i couldn’t tell who landed it, but complete and total, absolute, sepulchral, wall-to-wall RESPEKT!

Wow, I’m in awe. You guys are quite good. Gives me some good things to shoot for.

Thanks (it was my…Tony didn’t get a chance to try it). There’s a Tony trailer up now.


Thoes were some very good clips, I enjoyed the rail riding the most. That suicide mount was pretty crazy too. Keep up the good riding!


I enjoyed doing the rail riding the most. :slight_smile:

Good work Andrew! I’m sort of annoyed today because I keep coming on, checking to see your on MSN and see that your last post was just half an hour ago and that I’ve missed you. Then I leave and check back in an hour and it seems like you posted another half hour ago!

Hey nice riding Andrew! Boy you’re getting good at riding skinnies!

Cripes gigs of me - I could be appearing in your gallery for years to come!

I like the look of that Dino’s track and all of Gecko’s crashes. Who filmed the opening shots of that clip - they’re good! Gecko I guess?

I hope you’re not going to include all the best bits in ‘teasers’ before the actual movie is finished. (Like the massive hype that came with the movie Independance Day - most, if not all the good scenes everyone had already seen before the movie was even showing in theatres. The movie turned out to be a bit of a disappointment because of this.)


Yes it was Gecko…and they are great.

It’s hard not to put the good stuff in. :slight_smile: It’s just sitting there on the computer. But yes, good point.

I noticed something though, especially in muni the terrain looks so much harder when you watch it in high res because you can see all the little bumps and there’s more depths and so on.


Tony’s right, you’re gettin really good at skinnies. I liked that moving seesaw thing too.

I watched that bit at the end of “Teaser_Miscellaneous_Stuff” several times, did you reverse that video or were you really riding that skinny backwards?! Impressive stuff (either way).

Are you very good at stillstands? I’m just trying to figure if there’s much of a connection between the skills you need to do stillstands and the skills to ride skinni (plural). Do you know what IUF level you’re at?

Fair dinkum mate


Thanks a lot. I really was riding that thing backwards but have another look…I didn’t last very long. I’m not particularly good at stillstand but I’d really like to be and I’m working on it. My best is just over 10 seconds which I was very happy with but I usually only last about 5. I think there’s a huge link between stillstands and riding skinnies. At least for skinnies that are skinny enough that you can’t move your uni side to side under you to keep balance. Then all that’s left is to move your body over the uni (what I think you do in stillstands). I don’t do levels but I think I’d be about level 5ish. I’m working on coasting but it’s taking ages to learn.


Definitely. I’ve heard Kris Holm mention that in order to do skinny skinnies (like rails) well you need to be able to still stand and you need to be able to still stand in any pedal position. That would make riding a rail just a constant progression of rolling still stands. :slight_smile:

Keep working on those still stands.

I’m not very good at skinnies. It’s something that I need to dedicate some practice time to. I’ve never tried a rail yet. I mainly want to get better at riding logs. I got geezered by Harper on a log last weekend. :frowning: Need to practice.

love the expression :smiley: and know exactly what u mean
that aside,

the mind, literally, boggles :astonished:


:roll_eyes: Get your mind out of the gutter! :o

Yup, and I’d settle for any one of them.

soon as i stop laughing


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hey Andrew,

Loved the teasers…

I imagine it would be really difficult, but have you ever tried getting on to the rolling seesaw and then riding backwards while it’s rolling forwards?

  • James

I have accidentally. :slight_smile: The problem is that firstly I don’t think I’d last very long, and secondly there’s not all that much sleeper to work with. The time I did it accidentally though I got a feeling for what it would be like to do it properly.


hey, as for gettin better at skinnies and stillstanding, has anyone tried holding a long pole horizontally, like the tightrope walkers sometimes do to help them balance? does it help?

I tried doing stillstands while holding some heavy juggling clubs once. I think it made it slightly easier but it was definately different.