Video: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

Youtube (lower quality)

My 3rd installment to unicylist. (eastreet/deepcove).
This weekend we did freestyle/trials in Vancouver. I focused on our freestylist, Anne. Bon appetite.

nice video i liked it,

that fountain thing looks mad to jump around on

The fountain is harder than it looks on film. Your pedals hit and the gaps are smaller than a wheel. Plus they’re claustrophically small; Its fantastic.

Thought I’d explain the credits…

Free of style
Anne is great freestyle, and president of Frances unicycle club, but I think she likes Vancouver to be free of responsibility and just enjoy the ride.

Back worlds
James did his best 1 foot backwards yet. Nearby Science World has ‘Body Worlds’. He also had a nice fall onto his back.

Sitting pretty
Tynan has a comical fall on the stones.

Trials by junior
Ryan made the perfect trials line on the fountain. He is 14 years old. Meanwhile, the Robert Pickton trials makes headlines here.

Unwitting base jumper
Last week Yggy tempted fate on a cliff. This time he tries a slippery skinny railing.

Happy Nation
Picked because the rhythm is right for street, and the lyricss match our welcoming AnSo to Canada. Somehow I cant use an Eminem song with Anne in it. Ace of Base have a voice of optimism and yearning to do better. Almost every clip was success and failure. C’est l’uni

Unless you use a Mac like me and always have troubles playing WMV files. :slight_smile:

Great combination of Trials and Freestyle. It’s nice to see Freestyle getting a little more attention!

Great video, looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Another enjoyable video. Anne is quite a good rider. I especially liked the uni-stilts.

John, use VLC Media Player:

There is a mac version and it plays .wmv files perfectly out of the box as well as countless other types. I know, because I’m using it :slight_smile:

EDIT Oh right, and it’s free.

I know it was only last year that most of your and Ryan’s videos, that he is in, were made, but he looks taller. He must have hit his growth spurt:p .

Frank, what’s keeping you from putting your son on a 12 or 16"?
Is he not interested in learning, (yet:p)?


that was fun, the concrete thing looked like a fun little place to hop arround on. Anne’s part was cool.

Sweet vid again, guys! An’so’s freestyle uni is hot! So whats the deal with her anyway? Should i start thinking of her as a Vancouver unicyclist? :thinking:

Flip4Mac is your solution

At Moab 2006 I won the 12" unicycle! You can see Matthew trying to ride it in this video:
He’s only 8, but has the right fearless attitude. He’s just not very good at it… yet.

John, I played it on ps3. (mplayer under linux) :slight_smile:
I’ll do the youtube, but it hurts the cinematography and you get mono sound.
I’m glad you enjoyed the freestyle. Kaori’s Defect segment is inspirational, taking it outside the gym.

One on one - the part with James walking with 2 unicycles. Ya, its a stupid fun trick. I wonder if there are more in that vein?