Video: Sunset 29

Just some random clips from August.
A ride at Sunset Beach
My new Torker 29
Learning to wheel walk

Song: “Pas de Problemes” by Kana from Putumayo World Reggae


Fun video. I was hopping to see some good lines on those cement blocks. Maybe next time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video, I’m digging the Ska music. I’m learning to wheel walk at the momment (and have been for the last month - not dedicated enough though) and you’re doing better than me. As ‘jerrick’ said, the trials lines on those blocks!! Come on they are begging to be ridden! Hope to see another video soon :slight_smile:

In the last 2 weeks I drove to Portland twice. 5 hours each way… total of 20 hours. That was one song I didnt get sick of.

Okay, I’ll make a point of doing something on that wall.

Wheel walking is hard! I’ve made it 20 ft at best. Some skills you pick up in a day… take forever. Its on the level 5 skills, which I want to check off.

There will be a great muni ride here this weekend, but I can’t make it… so no video.

Group picture at Sunset Beach, where we met DAL for the first time.


I just see that list as a recomended guide. But if that’s all you have left, yeah, it’d be nice to check it off. Just remember it opens the door to gliding, and a whole set of possibilities.:slight_smile:

Could you loan your camera. We would appreciate it:o