Video Sub-froums

There are so many videos being posted these days, and most hardly last a day on the front page.

I think video sub-forums would be a great idea. Like one for street/flat/freestlye. one for trials and one for muni/other. I guess it probably wouldn’t help as most vids being posted are street/flat anyway.

Just an idea. What do people think?

I don’t know if separate sub-forums is the way to go. I’d think something more like the trading post where people put something like [Trials] at the beginning would work better.

What are you on about? Your video, Joy, has been on the front page for a few weeks now!

Rock on!

Ideally I’d like to see 2 options in the video forum, “New Thread” and “New Video” (or maybe get rid of “New Thread”?). Then when you go to post a new video it gives you options that you must choose from like “Category” (trials, street, muni etc.), and maybe “download link” and/or “stream content” (“”, “youtube”) so that it could embed the video on the page?

yeah i think tags at the front of the post like [trials] or [street] would be nice.

its too cluttered in there.

I think tags is the way to go. it is simple and you don’t have to surf through different subfourms.

this forum dont need another section
this forum needs a moderator

So, the unicycling video forum area has no bearing in this discussion?

ya thats a nice ide with the tags!
but no sub forum because i think most people are doing street and trials in the same vid so sub forum would’t make sense?

haha luke you spelt forums wrong !