Video - Speed trials comp...

Yesterday I rode in a speed trials competition. Basically there’s one course and each rider does two timed runs of it. Then three finalists are selected and they race once more in the finals. It was really fun.

The course was really tough (I thought), especially since it was so long. I think my first run was the most tiring trials riding I’ve done in my life, and they put a log ride at the end for when you’re completely buggered.

I made a 3 minute video of the day including some unicycling, trials bike riding and trials motorcycling. Some really amazing stuff from some of the bike guys.

Here are the videos…
18MB, DivX encoded -
6MB, WMV -


Another great video by Mr.Carter

You should have tried the backflip (just joking)

The music makes me feel good :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing

edit: yea! first reply on this thread

I forgot to mention, that wasn’t me…it was one of the bike trials guys! That is if you’re referring to the clip with him dropping from the pallet A-frames.

Cool, video.

Great video.

It was good to see the different wheeled machines tackling the same obstacles.


Great video Andrew, I love it when you post a video they are quite entertaining.

That was awesome.

Thanks guys. It’s funny watching the bit when I go up the ladder during my timed run. I couldn’t believe I stayed on, it was just getting faster and faster! :slight_smile:

The guy who does the drop on the unicycle (who’s not me) does just about everything - unicycling, bike trials, downhill, moto trials.


wow that is really amazing. so fun to watch.