video someone else made of me...

not much riding, probably 15 mins or so, check it

not my best riding, but its interesting to see a non unicyclist put together a unicycle video.
ohh, can also be found…

as far as the story behind the vid… aaron frost (professional BMX freestyle rider) and another guy named Mark were riding freestyle at a small “skatepark” when i joined them, we rode for a few hours, the footy is from about 15-20 mins at the start of our ride, it was pretty sweet, but this is a video put together, start to finish, by Mark. all i did was ride a little.

EDIT: video is available on the bmx freestyler website, which is pretty cool.

Cool video awesome rolling hops…as usual! :smiley:

Whoa, Nice!

I digged the 1ft wheel walk with your non wheel walking foot? was not on the crown…

Cool vid.

Sweet! Huge hops and nice one footed wheel walk!

thanks guys :slight_smile:

cool, viddy for something not made by a uni rider, but did you really need to thew entire width of the park to hop over that mound? lol still cool though

no, i didn’t, BUT it is nice to have a way long run up, get comfy riding, gain a little speed, then go as fast as i am comfortable w/ .
that mound was pretty far.

I figured as much haha