Video: Snow

vanuni’s first ride of 2007

Admittedly not a great video… but there are a few reasons I want to share this with you.
Firstly, you may recognise 3 riders… Irene, Kris & AnSo.
Secondly, there was snow (rare) and there had just been a hurrican (freaky). Our BC place dome had collapsed.

I’m kicking myself for not getting more footage of Irene, Kris & AnSo in this one. I filled it in with my kids & I in the snow.

The crowd at the end is the ‘polar bear swim’. My wife & 8 year old jumped in.
AnSo had flown in from France the night previous.
Irene is 2 time world champion in “standard skills”.
Kris was riding experimental 29". Pedals have 2 positions.

Cool video, looked like a great time! Careful with that sled!

The first person view on that snowy trail/walkway thing was beautiful.

Thanks Brian! I wasnt sure unicyclists would appreciate the non-unicycling bits… I was short on footage from the ride and filled it in with things that were going on.

We had major snow and windstorms. Which is unusual here… and at the same time, Toronto was unseasonably warm. Weird.
My car got stuck, so I pulled the unicycle out of the truck, and rode to work, which is the boardwalk footage. The week before we had a vanuni ride there:
Tobagganing is more dangerous than unicycling!
The water at English Bay was 8 degrees celcius.

download link?

That was so cool!

I loved it.