video: skateparkfest '06

i thought i would post this here too.

2 days. 4 skateparks. 1 pinchflat. lots of cuts and bruises. nice weather. fantastic fun.

video here:

Mostly me but also appearances by ed bell (edsbelly) and keven mckay (mawesome).

I apologise in advance if the music isnt to your taste.


Great video. The music was very much to my taste. So was the zero plant.


I thought is was a pretty good vid, although I didn’t really like the music. Nothing personal, but I just don’t like that type.

that vid was nice, good riding and those places lookt so fun to ride on.

Nice! Some of the handrails looked painful… :roll_eyes:

Nice vid;)

yay someone noticed it! i think i am the first person to land a zero-plant drop but im not sure.

thanks for the comments everyone, again its hard to pick music that suits everyone but i think it suited the riding and editing style.


Is there anyway to save movies off of youtube???

Awesome movie. Nice grinds and footplants.

i liked the drop into the bowl near the beginning. need to learn how to grind one day… great video… music fit perfectly!

good job max!

I really liked the zero plant drop. I want to try them now :sunglasses: , they look so smooth.

they are pretty easy too. especially if you can do cavemans and stuff.

Dude…THANK YOU!! This thing is awsome man!

man, those rails lookes awesome!