video: skateparkfest '06

2 days. 4 skateparks. 1 pinchflat. lots of cuts and bruises. nice weather. fantastic fun.

video here:

Mostly me but also appearances by ed bell (edsbelly) and keven mckay (mawesome).

I apologise in advance if the music isnt to your taste. :slight_smile:


Cool, those rail grinds were awesome, and some looked painful.

That was great! you guys have really got grinding rails down! I really like the running mount thing.

lol yeah that last one was.

miles the running mounts are actually surprisingly easy as long as the wheel doesnt turn while you are running, in which case you are stuffed!

nice vid. could have been longer, but still, it was nice! Want to enter it into the compliation video catagory of the compition?

That was really good, you look like a pro.

Awesome video, don’t the straps from your shingaurds flapping around bother you? Might want to post it in the video forums.

Nice camera work!


I’ll work on some stuff for the next one.

Pity we were tired on the last day, ay?


EDIT: The music sucks ^.^

not really. the ones that flap around are different to the other ones. they arent velcro so they dont stay done up at all. to be honest i dont know why they are there.

Thanks for all the comments guys.


i’m jeleous of those skateparks damn nice. I didn’t know you were so good on rails sucka.

Come down under and we’ll give you the full tour. That goes for everyone :smiley:

Althought it did take us a while to get from place to place.


that was awesome guys… now i know how brownboy feels not getting invited anywhere

max man you have come along way since i saw you last congrats youve got some of those moves down pat

yeah we have some sweet skateparks down-under. we wanna have a melbourne street weekend some time soon but i am lazy so yeah.

thanks man. you guys should come down some time for a ride. heritage boy too.

i think heritage boy has given up on unicycling and settling down for the family life


Perhaps he’s just having a rest.

I think at heart he’s still a unicyclist. I hope.

He does have two very sexy unicycles.


and i want them BOTH NOW

hey doesnt james live in moscow???

anyway very nice movie, the music fit well.

flowius maximus. Those grinds are very impressive. handrails scare me.

sweeet max!! those rails are so awesome!:smiley: