Video showing unicycles, UW's and other assorted cool bikes

Saw this posted on the Velovision forum and thought it’d be appreciated here.

Check out the BC wheel type things!

It also shows loads of great recumbents, tall bikes, tandems and a really cool rowing bike all from the 30’s and 40’s.

clickity clack

Very cool.

You think in 50 years time people will be looking at images of your naked uni ride in the same way?

Hopefully I’ll still be doing naked uni rides so they wont have to look at pictures.

nekkidness aside it’s a great video, eh. Velovision is a really great magazine, it’s gotten me hankering after a recumbent trike something chronic.

Just need to get the pennies for one and then, the harder part, convince my housemates that we really need another wheeled contraption, and a chunky one at that, in the house.

Just in case any of you Burning Man types were under the illusion that you were inventing something new…

Nice find, fun video.

I like the guy who had the “bike” with the frame made out of springs (or some other stretchy material ;)) :wink:

That was a giraffe uni and another uni w/ handle bars instead of a seat.

I’ve seen a guy here ride something like that, as well as just the handlebar uni.

Awsome old video:)

Cool find.

I thought the tandem chariot race was great, and could be great fun. BC skates could be a laugh too.


what a good video. I wonder how that rowing bike works.

There is a modern equivalent:

Cool, but not worht $800. I especially liked the chariots.

but a hell of a lot cheaper than a rowing machine, oddly enough

Nice. The tandem-powered chariot racing looked cool - they should add that to the track racing programme at the olympics.