Video: Short Docu about Lutz at Stomp Munifest

" Dive into a captivating short documentary that Alex crafted during Stomp Muni Fest in Alabama, featuring yours truly. Plus, I share my thrilling experience tackling a 15-foot drop in Morocco in an exclusive interview. :star2: Don’t miss out on this adrenaline-packed journey"

Also 60 second docs made a short docu about me:

I hope you like it!


Great stuff as always! Looking forward to your future achievements! :wink:

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what kind of bike is that with the huge outer wheel in the background?)

I dont know the name. Really funny but hard to ride. Try google reverse image search maybe that helps :slight_smile:

They are called monowheels – you also get motorised versions.

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Hemmings’ Unicycle, or “Flying Yankee Velocipede”, was a hand-powered monowheel patented in 1869 by Richard C. Hemmings