Video setups- software, cameras, etc.

What do you use for your uni videos? I’m just wondering waht everyone else has, becuase I (well, my dad…) recently got a canon optura 30 camera, which is pretty nice and does what I want it to. However, I also have some of the best editing software I’ve ever seen, Final Cut express.
[gloat] I really like it, and after only a few hours of work have been able to do some really awesome edits on the bit of footage we collected yesterday. I’m not gonna post it right now, because it’s kindo of the beginning of a uni movie I’ve been planning for a while, and we don’t really have the required skills anyway.

[/gloating over new stuff]

I use an Canon Optura Pi Mini DV, and for editing I have iMovie and Final Cut Pro, which is pretty fancy. Too bad my riding is not worth capturing on tape yet.

Those are Mac apps, not?
Does anyone use any windows based application?
IF yes, which one?

Im ghetto, I use my Kodak easyshare picture camera, that has a video option. The I convert with WinAI video converter to change my MOV files into WMV files, then use the Windows Movie Maker for my films. I figure it really doesn’t matter what kind of software I use for videos, because I only do small videos for the net.

I have a Panasonic Mini-DV camcorder, and my friend has something like a Canon DV camcorder. We both use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit our movies.

for windows XP there is “Windows movie maker 2” which is basically imovie for windows, its very basic and easy to use.
You can find a free download hear:



soon i get my canon XM2…


but for OWA i used a song handycam and adobe premier 6.5

i dont like the colours or single ccd cameras any more…

I use a Sony DCR TRV-22E digital video camera, edit with Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and DVD author with Sony DVD Architect.

Camera - Sony DCR TRV-22E ($1200 AUD) - Perfect for me. It’s light, small (but not too small), and has a touch screen. I was sceptical about the touch screen, but it cleans well and easily.

*All my filming as of a couple of months ago is in 16:9…I love the way it frames the shots.

Lens ($50-100? AUD) - A friend is going to get me a 0.5 wide-angle lens at wholesale price which will be perfect coupled with 16:9 aspect filming!

Editing Software - Sony Vegas Movie Studio ($130 AUD) - Much cheaper than Premier (apparently) and I’ve found it really powerful and really easy to use. I love it.

DVD Authoring - Sony DVD Architect (included with Vegas) - I’ve been having troubles with the sound in my DVDs but I think that’s because I did most of the authoring on a trial version then transferred it over to the full version. It’s so easy to use and gave me exactly the results I was looking for.