VIDEO: San Juan Loop "Bloops"

Heavy rain the night before didn’t keep me, Jim (jrdugueod) & Devin (revolution) from tackling San Juan Loop trail near San Juan Capistrano, CA. (We had panned to ride Cholla/lynx in OC but the rangers closed it down due to rain!)

San Juan loop trail is highly technical and crazy narrow, with jagged, backward pointing rocks, and on this day there was loose sand on everything, making our ride extra challenging! We fell alot! I tried to “abort” a rather innocent looking side-gap, but it was too late and the momentum almost took me off the side of a rock face and down the mountain! :astonished:

And of the four times I’ve ridden this trail, I’ve yet to see a single mtb!

We did ride more than we filmed, so the vid is short but schweet, and as the title implies, it’s "bloopers “O” plenty! :D:) :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

Another fun ride. Any of you Socal Muni people should check out this trail. It is just a blast! Plenty of tech stuff that is doable and plenty of nice rolling single track. Pretty scenery and lots of nice dogs. Terry once again is sacrificing his body to improve. We really should elect him as the President of the Muni fan club.

Thats pretty damn good. I’d like to try Muni some time but we dont actuley have any mountains here in devon. good luck for the future.

Stranger Than A Gang Of Drunken Mimes

Yeah but hey. no guts, no glory! :stuck_out_tongue:

Later today I’m gonna make a new “Geezer trials” video, where I’m going for new stuff, including a unispin and crank-flip! My goal is to make it as aggressively energetic as possible…without killing me self!

Current Injuries related to MUni so far include: Hematoma (still present) on left hand from bad palm plant (jumping hand!), rotator cuff-torn ligament, right shoulder. Wish me luck! So help me I can’t stop!