Video: Salvation

Salvation is a trail on Mt Seymour, Vancouver. Here’s the vid:

Riding: Jamey Mossengren, Jonathan Neil, Frank Barchard, Anne-Sofie Rodet, Martin Eskes, Tynan Rollo, James Hargrave & Byron Enns

Trails: Bridle Path on Saturday. Salvation on Sunday.
Photos: Jamey, James, Byron & Frank
Music: “True Grit” – by Crystal Method

Youtube (low quality) version

Awesome. Loved the music! Boy those trails/constructions looked slippery!

The music is even better on the unicyclists version (stereo) with headphones. It bounces back and forth from left to right ear.
I was going to use a ballad, to emphasis the beauty of the trail and commoradory of the people. But this song better matched my fast camera pans and editting style.

We’re blessed/cursed with some of the most technical muni trails anywhere.
They’re always wet/slippery. I’m glad that came across in the video. I joked that we should grease the logs

good to see jamie riding. i miss u man

I can’t see it in the gallery:( can you post it on youtube or google?

man that is some great riding on some great looking trails! You guys are fearless. That does look very slippery.

keep it up :smiley:

Salvation.wmv is 24 MB… about typical for my 4 minute videos. If I compress more, Movie Maker drops it to 320x240. It can be slow, if not impossible, to download when the internet is busy (evenings).
There are ways to get a direct link… this is it for Salvation
Then in media player, use File->Save As. In media player 11, right click on the title bar to get the menu.

Youtube (low quality) version should work.

Hey, its got 5 stars! Cool.

As an experiment, I’ve done a high definition version, using Vista Ultimate’s version of Windows Movie Maker.
Its 231 MB(!) so I dont think I can/should post it.

I’m just using a compact Canon SD700 IS, which is 640x480. So the highdef mainly benefits the photos & text. But the video part also has fewer artifacts.

Canon just announced a pretty sweet high def digital video camera

Your feedback is welcome/encouraged. I’d like to discuss and learn how to make better videos. What did you like the most/least? What would you like to see more of? Did you like this video (Salvation) or Deepcove more? Why?

Different computer, now I can see it in both

ditto on the sound:D

They looked a lot more slippery in person, I think Frank put the video through some kind of filter to make them look less slick. :slight_smile:

So true! :slight_smile: … if anyone is coming through Vancouver, or looking to do a trip somewhere to ride be sure to drop us a line. Things are always steeper, more slippery and fun to ride in person :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks very interesting, but sounds a little too good to be true. HD video on an SD memory card? The only way for that to work is if you compress the crap out of it. So in a sense it’s not true HD, even at 720p. I’d wait for DP Review or Steves Digicams to review it before purchasing…

im about to get out my DX, just to go outside and find some Muni stuff, looks sooo much fun, ive seen those trails with kris holm videos and others, where are they located?

Dang! Why don’t I ever see trails with all that stuff built in it?? That was really cool, and want to come ride there now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha… the Crystal Method. It did not suprise me to see their name on that awesome tune. Great riding too. I’m hoping to hit up the North Shore one of these days…

Great video Frank! Thanks for putting that together, it’ll be a nice memory of my trip up there. I’m sooooooooo glad I decided to come up there cause I wasn’t going to but then decided it’d be worth the 3 hour drive there and back and damn was it ever.

For anyone who has never been up there, put this towards the top of your To Do List. I strongly recommend Vancouver for MUni, not only cause of like the best trails in the world, but also some pretty cool people as well.

I know video compression well… thats something I do for EA games. :slight_smile:
Firstly, this is Canon. They make great cameras.
Its likely SDHC based, which has a 2-6 MB/s throughput.
Hopefully its AVC based, like Sony & Panasonic are doing. But even motion jpeg will get by on 2 MB/s (for 1280x720 30 fps).
The optical stabilization in my 700IS works well… especially for muni. Its dark on the north shore trails, and I like to move the camera. Other brands dont implement optical stabilization as well.

The best trails are on Mt Seymour and Mt Fromme, in North Vancouver.
For Sundays ride on Salvation trail, the trailhead is here,-122.971269&spn=0.046973,0.085316&t=h&om=1
A few photos were from a Saturday ride on Lower Seymour. Bryon did a GPS plot of the whole ride.

Also good are Art of Noise and Champion. Know any others with a simular sound?
Music is key to a good video. I pick a song that fits the video, and then edit the video to fit the music. We were excited to meet Jamey and show him one of our best technical muni trails. But we were missing Ryan, who would have done crazy stuff, so I picked a song that holds back a little but is upbeat and technical.

When you come up, send us an email!