video request

i am intrested in seeing what other unicyclist can do and learning from there tricks,moves and styles.
if you have any good videos of you,a friend or anyone in fact unicycleing please attach it to this thread so me and other people can use them

thanks very much

check out the gallery

already have thanks

thats some cool freestylin you just need to get a camara man to follow yo round, make it a bit more intrestin.

my first movie, old, not very good, very bad:

trailer for my next movie, pretty good if I do say so myself:

looks good James

What uni do you use James??? I need a new free style uni that I can beat the crap out of without wrecking. Yours looks nice.:slight_smile:

mine isn’t a freestyle uni, it’s a Trials uni. in those movies, I use an old-style orange KH20 and my friends mostly used Summits. there’s two clips with a Torker CX 20" and two with an Onza 20" trials. any of those EXCEPT the Torker CX can probably stand up to whatever you throw at it.

ok, cool.

This is a pretty long trials (and a tiny bit of muni) video that I made as a compilation of all my footage from 2004:
15.8MB Version -
51MB Version -

This is a trials and muni movie of a day of riding with Tony Melton in Auckland (15MB-ish) -

All my other movies can be found here - - mostly in the “New Stuff” gallery.


my first vid not thaat great about a year ago its the only one ive made so far but will be back and making more when all the snow melts and its not so muddy :slight_smile:

I don’t have any edited viddys, but my gallery has a decent chunk of trials clips illustrating most of the basic trials moves except for the crankgrab. This is due to the fact that by the time I had a camera I knew how to pedalgrab. IF you want to see highjump technique, try pausing videos people have at different spots. My gallery has a few mediocre highjumps that show pretty well what to do.

Here’s the only full length video I’ve made; Freestyle Mania. It’s really bad quality, since I didn’t know how to use iMovie at the time, and my riding has also improved a bit since then. Leo Vandewoestijne has put the four short video clips I have sent him up on (the best site for skill demonstration videos), three in the standard section and one in the freestyle section, and you can also access several skill demonstration videos I have made from The Unicyclopedia’s Freestyle Page. All the videos in that section are of me (Jonathan Miersma) unless otherwise stated.

I always thought your name was Drew. Now I’m confused.:frowning: