Video question

Ok so I got video clips from my camera, and I uploaded them onto my computer and I made a video w/ them on wmm. Originally I had uploaded them just onto the desktop, so I moved them because it was messy. Then when I went back into the video to edit something none of the videos were working because it couldn’t find the file (I’m guessing because I moved them into a folder). So I double clicked the clip and clicked on find video, and I clicked on the folder and it worked, and a few other clips worked too…but not all of them…so I tried clicking on a different clip that was still black and not working and it wouldn’t give me the option to even find it. So I just deleted the collections of clips and uploaded them again from the folder to see if maybe all of the clips would work… and they came up but when I clicked on it to play the sound worked but I couldn’t see a picture…so I deleted all the clips off my computer and uploaded them from the camera again…and it still won’t show picture, only sound. I recently got Adobe Premiere after and even that won’t let me…so…any ideas of what I can do…cause I’m pretty much stumped…

Oh and the clips will work when I click on them from the desktop, just not when I’m in either program…

if they clips alone werent “produced” you have to hook your camera back in.

opps, misunderstanding,disregard my post /\ /\ /\ /\

Heres the thing. WMM sucks. It glitches all the time. What you did to ‘reconnect’ the missing files is exactly right. I used to have this problem when i used wmm could sometimes never fix it.

well like I said, I couldn’t get it workin on premiere either