Video: Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
youtube version

Riding: Yggy, James, Jon, Frank

This weekend we explored a new park for us. Its an old quarry, so there are boulders everywhere.
The parking lot has walls varying from 1 to 3 feet and a long skinny curb about 3 inches wide.
Ponds and streams have bridges and rocks to hop.

Normally in the summer the park is crowded with weddings & tourists, but the morning started with sleet, so we had the park to ourselves.

Nothing much, trick wise, but the video shows yet another great location to ride.

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The band (DJ Champion) will be in Vancouver March 26
Crystal Method will be here March 22.

hey when you guys get a dry patch over there in van id really like to come over for a weekend and ride

justin kohse

same here… i need to get some filming of you guys done… just need to wait for the snow to melt… and northshore to dry… maybe it would be an idea to do some natural trials… wreck beach looks awesome… and the combo of naked ladies and awesome lines… who can complain!

Waiting for a dry day in Vancouver is like saying a cold day in hell :slight_smile:
But for sure, we want to see you soon. You should ride and I make the video, cuz you’re great riders and I’m better at making videos than riding.

We havent done a ride at wreck beach. I’m sure its a good place to ride, because we’ve done rides at other beaches and UBC trails. Jericho beach has good logs, including one from Universe1 at 1 min into this video

The naked people scare me. Walking down the narrow steep trail, I passed a naked guy that didnt give me alot of room. They dont usually like cameras, and I’m not sure we’d want them in a video anyway. So I’d suggest going on a cold/wet day… which is like a hot day in hell :slight_smile:

wow you live in planet earth! I wana go there!

Nice filming and editing; a very attractive little clip.