Video program

What programs do you personally use to make videos? I have Video Wave 7.0 but the program doesn’t recognize my video camera when I hook it up. I am looking for something that I can get for free to use for a short while. My house doesn’t currently have internet and I need to upgrade windows on my computer before it will recognize my camera. As of now I just want to experiment with making a video with different programs, just to see what I like.


Well, it’s not great, but you can use Windows Movie Maker if you have Win XP.

That’s what I use and it does pretty much what I need. It’s very easy to use, which I really like!
In fact, I’m uploading a brand new Muni vid to my gallery right now, and I’ll be posting it soon! :smiley:

i use window movie maker too… iits better than the ones i have downloaded…

i’ve only ever made one video, but i used imovie, as i was doing it on a mac.
my mom works with computers for her job, and apparently imovie is like 1000 times better than windows movie maker, which i believe cuz windows has lots of sucky programs, but since (obviously) imovie is an OS program, and wont run on a PC, i have no idea what is good for PCs

I use Adobe premiere pro. It is really powerful and is supposed to be one of the best, unfortunatly at the moment it is too powerful for me and I don’t know how to do alot of things.

I also use moviemaker under Win XP and it is very easy to use. Adobe Premier pro is for sure much better but its not for free and its not easy to handle.
imovie is for sure good an macs and maybe better than moviemaker but this Information is only usefully for Mac users and actually we have still 95% on PCs and 5% on Macs all over the World.
Seems that still most people like lots of sucky programs.
It’s boring a lot to here 2006 still statements about Windows that are related to Win 98.
This is the only serious program that’s available for free, it might be a bit tricky to learn but it’s very flexible and it very powerful, plus it’s stable.
I use a more professional version of this program at work and at home. Avid produces products that are widely used in the motion picture industry and the TV world, it surpasses final cut or premiere in every domain but usually comes at a higher price, the free version is a great tool and a great introduction to their tools.