video: pOiNtLeSs- from the end of 2006

well, its not that great, and most of the stuff is in the dark, but I edited it, so i guess I will post it. I made it at the very end of last year, but didn’t post it because I was going to use the majority of the clips for another video(which is going to be a collaboration between a friend and myself)

so here it is

hope you enjoy it.

why didn’t you put any of this in your sponsor video? and did you make the 9’5’’ record?

I sent it to the sponsor, i was just going to edit my friend’s part in then put it on here, but i don’t like the quality of this one anymore, i can do much better.

Im pretty sure that I made the record, i couldn’t tell, but the click is even louder if you hit the board.
I don’t know though, i have tried again a couple of times and couldn’t get more than 9’2"

if you’re going for long jump i think it would be in your best interest to get a 24’’ unicycle. I love my dx 24’’ for roll hops (even though I suck)

yeah, i can jump farther on one, but for my use, it is not practical to have a 24" uni. most of the time i jump onto/over things and I don’t need a 24" uni … even though muni is SUPER fun.

also, it is harder to land on a 24" uni