Video: Pipeline

4 rides in Vancouver, June/July
Muni at Surrey Bike Park
Hockey at St Catherines Church
Critical Mass June
Muni at Mt Fromme - Pipeline

Farewell to Jeanine, who is heading back to Switzerland.


nice riding, but full screen from youtube makes it look like shit.

dang thats alot of muni and hockey…looks like fun…
i liked at the end when that animated uni dude jumped up the letters…

:frowning: That link didn’t work for me, so I had to go through your youtube account

Aside from the horrible resolution, that was one of my favorites of your vids:)

Youtube is weird today. Here’s a google video version

Personally, I like how the hockey footage came out. Fast paced… and it looks like we know what we’re doing, even though its only our 2nd game, and first time we rode indoors. Jeanine is pretty good though.

Weird, the youtube link works now.

I think the resolution is a teeny bit better on google.

Theres the regular youtube link.

Sweet vid. =p

Who is that pretending to be an ostrich @ 4:10?:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats James, who was supposed to go up the ramp, but somehow completely missed it.

A better picture of James is him jumping off a ramp… also missing his head.


nice, shame about the quality though

If you just click on the video link he first sent, it takes you to the normal smaller screen.