Video Pictures Story: Descent from a three thousand-metre peak on a unicycle

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Lutz Eichholz from Kaiserslautern, Germany ranks among the best unicyclists in the world. The four time world champion and world record holder always pushes the limits on his single-track vehicle with one wheel. He has been featured in TV shows around the globe. Lutz likes to practice his sport in alpine terrain, always looking for new obstacles and challenges. Now the 26-year old environmental engineering student conquered the Cima Ombretta Orientale, a three thousand-metre peak in the Dolomite Mountains. He was accompanied by fellow unicyclist Stephanie Dietze since “one should never alone in high alpine terrain.” Here are some impressions of the climb and the breathtaking downhill on a unicycle.

Photos: Markus Greber


More Pictures:

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Great event pictures are amazing.

sweet, looks great. come to colorado and ride some 4000+ meter peaks, there are 53 of them:D

great riding, great vid

Wow, beautiful! Beautiful scenery, weather, photography and riding.

unglaublich! Bergsteigen und Einradfahren–endlich zusammen.

it’s really a beautiful video an d the pics are great!

@mike: in switzerland we’ve got 48 peaks higher then 4000 meters, but switzerland is 7 times smaller then colorado, and the average hight is in colorado more then 2000 meters, switzerland: 1300 meters.
are your 4000 meter peaks also covered with snow/glacier all the time?

No, they are not covered in snow all the time, especially this summer. Only 2/5 of Colorado is mountains, and there are over 1000 peaks over 3000 meters, and there are over 630 peaks over 4000 meters, and 54 peaks over 14,000’ or 4268 meters. Besides being the highest state, 1/5 of Colorado is covered by the Colorado Plateau. So we get desert singletrack riding as well. And, as a bonus, Moab/Canyonlands is only 3-4 hours away. I love mountains, anywhere in the world.

mike have you a free romm for me next summer :wink:

sorry back to topic…

I love that picture. When the end of the year comes around, that’s got to be in the “Best Photos of 2012” thread.

Not meaning to jack the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

The difference between the Rockies and the Alps… is that the Alps you can actually fall off of. They are the steepest mountains I have ever had the privilege of seeing and riding on. The Rockies are big but not near as steep!

Lutz the filming was AMAZING!! There has to be more videos done on a professional level such as this to help get the word out about unicycling and show the true beauty of it :slight_smile:

Ill be back riding with you one day :wink:

Thanks for the nice comments. It was a lot off work to make this project possible (its not that easy to get a big company into unicycling) and i am happy that you like it.

Awesome riding, awesome filming, and awesome views … :smiley: one of the best MUni video’s I’ve seen in a long time. It really makes me envious and wanting to get out there and ride something like that.

Great:D Loved it, thanks for showing us.

Awesome Lutz!

Nice Job you make it look easy!