[video] Pele, Spencer, and Cody ride together

I know it was a joke…

haha then why are you getting all mad
I hope Dan does see this because it would make him laugh

Dude, let me tell you how this video went down.

I went to drop my sister off at her school in claremont, and decided it would be cool to meet up with Spencer and Cody.

We met and planned to make a vid, but at the end of our ride this is the only clip we got, because we were to lazy to film the rest.

And then, I think it was Spencer (it may have very well been Cody), said that we should just make a video called Pele, Spencer, and Cody ride together, and just repeat that clip over and over. We all had a good laugh and thought it was a great idea. Here’s that video.

Edit: You might want to work on your understanding of sarcasm.

My favorite part was when you doublebackflipped the 4-set.

haha, I liked that part too.

However, I must admit that spencer’s driveway was the best.

just watched it 3 times in a row! :smiley:

Cool trick but it seemed to just replay it twice. And the frame by frame slow mo didn’t really help make out that it was a doublebackflip. It was awesome though. Also, good work causing a hilarious uproar.

I know all of this was a joke, but still think it’s a cheap way to get many viewers on your You Tube movies.
May not have been your intention, but I think allot of people are “letdown” because they expected a vid with you, Spencer and Cody realy riding together. Not you flipping a set, Spencer filming and Cody watching.
But hey, glad you 3 had a laugh. Just a shame of this wasted topic :roll_eyes:

Edit: I live in sarcasm…

Psch! No one cares about youtube views.

Vimeo is the future!

Cha Ching! =p

I don’t understand your assertion that this was a way to get Youtube views.

First of all, this wasn’t even supposed to go on my account. It was supposed to be on Spencer’s.

Secondly, I’m going to get less views because of this, for obvious reasons. I may get more people to look at it with the misleading name, but far fewer people are going to watch it again. I’m quite sure that most of the views on unicycle videos are a result of people watching the video multiple times, and I edited this in a way that that’s not entirely necessary.

Thirdly, I don’t even know how many channel views I have :stuck_out_tongue:

Now to move onto your claim of having a good understanding of sarcasm:

One who has a good understanding of Sarcasm would be very unlikely to respond seriously to a claim that this terribly edited video is any better than Defect.

Like Sponge would say: meh

Meh is always a good way to end a retarted argument.

Why the angry word…?


Haha, think its time to end this silly discussion don’t you think?

Yes. But still, people should feel free to give feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe…i love cleverness (is that even a word?)

When in doubt, add another ‘ness’: clevernessness.


Also, even if you watch a video 100 times it only counts as 1 view, they do it by I.P. Address.