[video] Pele, Spencer, and Cody ride together

I liked the double back flip over the stair but I was expecting you three riding… :sunglasses:

Nice doubleflip, but don’t you think thats a little long for just on trick?

Wauw, that was cool…


I, and everyone else, expected a nice long vid that includes you, Spencer and Cody riding, not just you flipping a set (and multiple times slow-mo it).

For the last time guys, it was a doubleBACKflip, not a doubleflip. Perhaps I should have played it slower…

I apologize to those who didn’t like the vid:o :frowning:

Wow… I like how people are actually taking this video seriously…

I personally thought it was amazing.

such a masterpiece, I think I have to watch it again.

sweetest unicycling video ever!! When does the dvd come out?

i really liked the video

its amazing.

what the name of the song?


Not that I didn’t like the trick, but I dislike that you use a misleading title.
It’s like buying a Porsche for 10 000$ on Ebay and when you get to the seller he hands you a Porsche model car… or something like that…

Dude…who cares about the title…The video just had such good editing. I don’t get how you can’t see how this is one of the best videos made. This makes Defect look like trash…

That was terrible :stuck_out_tongue: HAHA.

You know I was expecting greatness lol.

O well, still cool to see the doubleback down the 4.

eh pele, could you please make another video with the doublebackflip slower plz? would like to see it. :wink:

Well… All I can say is… LOLCOPTER!

Not sure how you can equate getting scammed for $10,000 to wasting 1 minute watching a video. I know the vid is longer than that but you should catch on to what is happening after a minute goes by.

Maybe next time we ride we can film more than one clip:)
The filming efficiency is amazing though, normally I film for hours and hours to make a 3-4 minute video. We just made a 2.5 minute vid with less than 1 minute of filming.

all i can say is u guys who are mad about this needa chill out and just enjoy the trick because it was HOTT. and like spencer said…think of all the time they saved making this vid :wink:

Yes, thank you jatwell :wink:

I laughed at it after about a minute and watched it the rest of the way through to see if you would have more clips. I might have a new video coming out soon, not sure when though.

Have you even ever seen Defect?
You can’t compare this short edit (with a nice trick in it though) with Defect.
I hope Dan Heaton doesn’t reads this…
The only online vids that can compete with Defect are from Sinco.

All the guys mad at me: it’s just about forum rules.
You need to make a title that says what the video (or topic) is about.
This title is misleading in the hope to get more viewers on his you tube channel.
Sure I’m glad he landed a new trick, but I would watch it to with a related title…

No offence ment to anyone with this post

It was a joke.

And I lol’ed.

Mission accomplished on Peles part.

Man, Defect F***** sucks now! This is whats hot!

Perfect mix of riders, tricks and styles. Really raises the bar, specially compared to those crap videos like Defect and union. Blegh, those make me want to vomit and start rollerskating.

The music was amazing. Sweet beat. Really gets you into the action of the video.

Editing was the best I have ever seen. Man, that slow-mo was so smooth! Best thing ever to come out on video in years.

Definitely put this on DVD and ill buy it. Twice.

I mean, you know this is good when you make people so jealous, that they get mad and try to downsize how great this is. They are just suck. Yeah. They. Are. Suck.

Im going to go watch this vid. Then download it, and set it as my background/wallpaper so it forever loops.

Im speechless.

Pretty much sums up how the majority of the entire world probably feels about this vid.