[video] Pele, Spencer, and Cody ride together

Hi. As some of you know, just a bit over two weeks ago I rode with Spencer and Cody when I was helping my sister move into her college dorm. We made a video, and this is what we came up with:


Spencer was supposed to edit it, but it was taking him to long so I just decided to do it :p.


Edit: Watch out, there may be some profanities(my bad)

A true work of art.

the doubleflip was nice but thankyou for wasting my bandwidth >.<.

There was no doubleflip. Do you mean that trick at 1:34? That was a doublebackflip…

I see…

Pele… I think you forgot Spencer and Cody’s parts… lol

Can you not see Cody? He definitely appears in their, he’s even on his unicycle. and spencer is in all the clips too man.

Hey buddy, this isn’t the place to boost your post count, take it to MR.

MR prefers posts with actual content… haha cool video by the way Pele :slight_smile:

lol sorry i was trying to make a point.So when is the real video coming out ? or isnt there one ?

What real video? It came out already… Are you saying this isn’t real?

no i am asking if you are bringing out a video of you,spencer and cody actually riding.Not just you flipping down a set throughout the whole video :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t a better name for that of been: “4 set doublebackflip by Pele Schramm”? Because that’s all it was.

This is a terribly insufficient description. Did you not see Cody? Or hear Spencer’s adorable little laugh? This is the documentation of our ride together.

So that’s why your hot…ok

Lmao!!! A True Masterpiece!!!

Is there going to be a video of you, Cody and Spencer, featuring each of you riding your unicycles and hopefully doing some tricks coming out soon?

Admit it, it was self worshipping :P. Kool trick I might add. But I would of been happier if it was just replayed once.

wow pele, I think the best part in the vid is the doublebackflip, pretty nice tricks, like spencer part, hes laught make me horny :o