Video Parts? And Some Pics....

How would I go about getting into a video? Is anyone making one anytime soon that would accept a part to consider putting in a video? I think I might be getting good enough to have a short part. Thanks

Here are some pictures



you have msn or aol?


backwards grind on ledge


Ya my msn in

backwards grind



about a 20 ft drop…

M’Boy, we are in a age where only extremly good riders that can do insanly impossible things will get into films.

Well it all depends on what sort of film or movie you are wanting to get into. for example if u wanna get into somtin like universe well u r gona hav to be one of the best but on the other hand if you wanted to get into something like the thin ice movie or something that is more of a home made movie then yer those backwards grinds will b cool.
Hope this helps!

where 'bouts do you live?

Yes, you forgot to say where you are or how far you are willing to travel.

The water jump picture is awesome!

Im from wisconsin… Wouldnt i be able to send some footage in the mail?

Film makers are very particular about the film quality and style of filming, not simply because you can do tricks that have been seen over and over.

Anyone can point a camera at someone.

Post some video, if the video style is good, someone may be interested.