Video Pansarvagn!

Hey!It’s sunday i’m bored and i cant ride cuz my leg is ‘fucked up’.
So I did a video whit mostly realy OLD clips from me and felix,the newest of the clips are those from fluck.
Btw I got tierd of editing after like 1 min so I instead did it in windowsmovie maker so stfu about the editing and the muic input sucks!
well nothing more to say now…
Later on!

I liked that:)
I think i really should start to learn SIF hopping, first i gotta get SIF riding clean and good though;)

This vid is so darn GOOD! I can’t believe how good you are Klas!! Was that a mickflip down the box in the beginning or was it a side spin? Its so hard to see what trick you’re doing because you do it so well! And that unispin without hands using your foot to spin the wheel took the breath out of me :smiley: I had to rewind it a few times just to see what you did. And one other thing, I LOVED the 360 down the 5 set or something like that :open_mouth:

And Felix’s trial style is so awesome, he can jump up almost anything :open_mouth: Damn clean stuff!

And I liked that you took some footage from your visit in Örebro/Pennybridge :slight_smile: I was like “wtf :D” when I saw Louis, Simon and CC ^^ But I got dissapointed when I didnt see me :roll_eyes:

Why havent I ever heard of you guys!? This is the best video I’ve seen here in a long time. You are all really good at trials and street. I also like how you blend them together.


wow thats awesome…
i like the music…

It was pretty long, but I enjoyed it. I liked some of the unique trials lines.

Nice! (yo I was in there) :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet bigspin flip.

I agree, but I would call it a bigflip.
Great video guys. The 360 unispin down the 4 stair was intense, propably harder than a treflip down 4.

WOW ! This vid was so awesome ! I don’t want to repeat what everyone said, so I’ll just say loved the vid, you guys are really good and keep it up !

Oh and I’d like to know, who was that guy who rolled hop up 8 pallets at Fluck ? I’m guessing Fredrik Justnes, but not sure. Anyways, incredible hop !

Nice work !


good job, klas!
hugo; yes its fredrik justnes, but its not 8 pallets. i think its 7.

Wow! This vid is finished at last! :stuck_out_tongue:

That video was great! Nice choice of music, too! And I didn’t know you had such skillz when I was drinking beer with you…

Also, I thought that Pansarvagn is spelt Panselvagn. Now I’m lost. What to do?!

It’s ok Ivan, even I have trouble spelling that. And you shouldn’t judge us based on our beer drinking skillz. :wink:

My favourite parts is Klas’s two clips starting from 1:08 for the flow and originality. And my favourtite clip of me is the really long line starting @ 03:10 because it took me like 136 tries to nail that one.

Nice vid, you are very talented. Some really sweet lines in there too :sunglasses:

I LOVED the 360 down the 5 set or something like that :open_mouth:
****it was a 6 set :wink:

-And it was a try for a mick but didnt get the total flip but still…i would call it mick.

I would say my favourite part is at 5.20 felix =)

sweet video, i really liked the Bigflip keep it up

On further inspection, nice big half flip.


H.Q. version?:o