Video: Pacific City

Pacific City Video

Music by Nelly Furtado, who recently won 6 Junos.
The song is a shortened remix from the Get Loose Tour CD, and is equally applicable to unicycles, I think
“They make you work hard.
make you spend hard
make you fall, real hard”

Pacific City is a beach in Oregon. Theres also a bit from Long Beach Washington. The trials parts are at Science World. Theres some photos from a Coker 50km ride at UBC.

Camera died – my sd630 died getting the Oregon footage. Sand in the lens I guess.
Dog broadsides me – the friendly, but stupid black dog ran right into my unicycle, knocking me over.
Long stand – I can still stand indefinately in the sand. :slight_smile:
4 times wrap – twice I got my leg around 4 times and onto the pedal, but fell. So close.
Strong wind – the winds were super strong at Seaside, causing a bit of a sand storm
Tynan & I got new shoes. Must have been that last video about footwear…
Jump photo below inspired by FlixFlux

Youtube version

Google version

Cool video, though I was hoping for some of that awesome muni footage I’ve come to know you for.

Awesome video. =p

I liked the part where 3 of you do the same gap at the same time. That was cool.

Nice! I like the mix of video with stills, and random footage. Enjoyed it.:smiley:

Nice footage and editing. Absolutely HATED that song.

Thanks Jerrick. I liked that too. The idea for that came from a thread where Shaun and Kevin did a ride together… or so they claim, because they’re never in the same scene together. And I was thinking it would be cool to see some tandom moves. Its about 4 times as hard to get several people to do a trick at once, but looks cool.

Thanks! I’d been toying with the idea of mixing/alternating. I try to pick songs with interludes that lend themselves to a photos, outtakes or a change of style.
Frankly I had about 20 minutes of kinda boring footage, so I picked a short song, forcing me to edit it down to unique clips, and mixed in the beach and outtakes to keep the visual interest.
The intent isn’t ‘random’… its like a TV show with a subplot, but with some common theme connected by the song.

Ya, I know… everyone else is doing street. Only half our rides are muni. I think its worth making the video. I try to show things you havent seen, and its hard in trials. So I showed a beach, and 3 people doing a gap at once.
And the usual brilliant filming and editting :slight_smile:

hehehe… thanks I guess. You can hate Nelly songs, but I do put a lot of thought into the music. Almost every word of that song makes sense, if you think of ‘she’ as your unicycle. Nelly is the “it girl” in Canada, after sweeping the Junos. And it has the right tempo and emotion, which includes love, hard work and frustration.

Re nice footage
Were you admiring my feet? :slight_smile: Cuz I did just get some new red shoes…

Whew, I wouldn’t have the confidence to ride with a baby on my shoulders. I had a feeling kinda like seeing Michael Jackson hanging the baby over the railing or Steve Irwin feeding crocks with an infant in his arms.

Its really totally easy and safe.
Despite be a trivial technical skill, kids on shoulders looks interesting/scarey.
Its like when non-unicyclists see us riding and are amazed and afraid for us.

It helps to have 2 kids :slight_smile:
Your first one is prescious. But you relax about your 2nd one. My young one does daredevil stuff, and likes to jump from high places into my arms. I’ve yet to drop him. But he’s not discouraged by injuries.

In ‘EAStreet’ Matthew had to duck the doorway, and I had him take the camera and film from up there

Below is Canon beach last Oct. Sands pretty safe


Ahahaha, I thought you were about to imply that if you drop and mess up one, at least you’ve got a second.

Nice vid Frank. Lots of really good editing going on there. :slight_smile:

Check out the Dazzling Mills family. That’s Steve Mills, inventor of Mills’ Mess for you jugglers out there. When the kids were smaller, his wife would be on his shoulders, one kid on top of that, and the smallest one held in arms or something, plus a small dog and a bird, I think.

Steve got criticized by some at one of the USA conventions in the 80s or 90s for balancing his baby daughter while riding. He held both her feet in one hand and she stood straight up, while he did the balancing. I thought it was great! He’s not going to drop his daughter!

Great vid! I liked the stills, and you have a nice eye. I’ve been to Long Beach, WA though I didn’t spot it in the video.

Very playful video. I loved the stills thrown in and the variety of places and people shown.

Normally I wouldn’t listen to music like this but it was perfect for this video. I’ve watched it at least 3 times already and am now bouncing to the beat as I type. Great job!

I gotta try the beach! :stuck_out_tongue:

S’pose it’s not too tough to have another kid…just gotta wait a few months. Drop one and he’ll be the grocery packer of the family.

Seriously though, you’re not going to catch me balancing any babies on my hands. I don’t care how confident I am.

It would be even better if you were in it! With your colourful cloths and all.
This weekend is Muni at SFU… I guess not your thing.
Maybe you can join AnSo for a coker ride sometime.

I suspect its only parents that really love their kids alot let them ride on their shoulders while unicycling. There’s an implicite trust between them.

You may be wondering why ‘the baby’ had a hockey stick.
Thats because James is learning to glide, and had Tynan pull him along with the hockey stick.

Stills and outtakes (ie crab) let me show a bit of scenery, personality and culture. In the beach where I dropped off the ledge, I used it to remove a boring section and to get the timing to music right.
Instead of actual photos, its interesting to use a video. Sort of a harry potter photo style. So I often dont use actual photos. Sometimes I take the best frame from a video clip.
The last scene where I just stand there indefinitely kinda looks like a photo, and would be boring, but its just for credits, and you notice that the water is moving.

I liked the song about the first 10 times I heard it. :slight_smile:

Beach is photogenic, but not super interesting to ride. I take advantage of a nice backdrop to do street skills, because I can do them anywhere. And anywhere can make it pretty interesting to watch, as a video anyway.
Long beach might make an interesting coker ride.
The beaches in Vancouver have good logs and rocks.
The sand dunes are a bit interesting, but I didnt find any really big ones.

I forgot who did it, but I was partially inspired by the guy that does some beach riding in Texas.

I like the one where he is about to juggle the dog.
Wow… his wife and son. Any time I tried to balance an adult, they try to balance too, and it makes it much harder. Kids just flop around.

Kris often points out what films well is not necessarily whats hard to drive and vice versa. For example, in muni, it can be really hard to ride down a rocky/rooty trail; but boring to watch. Whereas a bridge is easy to ride, but looks cool on video. So I aim for videos that film well.

The wheel walk was inspired by your icon. I filmed, since I didnt have a camera man, and intended to just use a frame as a still. But it was more interesting to see the mount as a short video. Plus I clipped my head off… oops.

Re longbeach scenes

  1. One of the jumps, where I had red shoes. See photo below. I didnt take much footage at Longbeach - Oregon films better, with its sand dunes and ‘haystacks’
  2. The jeep driving by. You can drive on long beach til tomorrow (April 15). Its pretty exciting driving thru the creeks, the ocean spray, birds all around you, and getting to/from the hard sand thru the soft sand.
    My wife drove the SUV while we rode along behind.