video of uw side hop

i did make a post about this a while ago but here is a video

That isnt a trick. Thats just dumb

That could be useful for UW trials… have you been able to enter and exit the trick while riding?

That would be cool. 90 unispin to hop on tire, another 90 back into riding, all smooth…

how about “rim hop” for a name?

ya the trick doesnt look to great on it self, but if you get the transistions in and out of it, it would look awesome (smooth like forrest said).

is this a joke?

do this same trick on the crossbar, not the rim, and it will be cool (hint: watch your fingers as you slam the UW down onto the ground faster than you thought possible)

Can you ride it??

Sounds like you speak from personal experiance…

Well, that makes more sense than your drawing, at least…but it doesn’t seem practical at all, and it’s not all that impressive.

i never saw a drawing…

It was a secret drawing. Only very important people could look at it, or else we’d’ve had to shoot you. :wink:

…I thought you were actually going to like…hop with it. Liike a BC wheel or something…that would be cool.

This, however, is not.

I like it, go from riding, then hop off and do a varial or UW spin, land on the rim, hop and varial out of it.

Or! Hope, varial into the rim hop, swing your other foot on the other side of the tire, and then walk the wheel from the inside, so you would be stepping on the rim with both feet. Think a mouse inside of a mouse cage running like crazy. Then once the pedals are in the right position, jump both feet from the inside of the tire to the pedals and continue to ride.

Make sure its fast and smooth.

Or you could pull up on your shoelaces and do trials with your feet!

wait, hold on hold on…is he serious??? thats horrible!

reminds me of an Aussie beer ad

couldnt some one who has never ridden a unicycle in their life be able to do that? i mean im guessing thats easier than a pogo stick.

Oh dear… unicycle dave… come on.

I have seen dung beetles toting balls of crap around on ABC documentaries that have succeeded in entertaining me significantly more than this less-than-satisfactory video… but hey, keep trying. Maybe try swapping from one foot to another mid-hop! That’d really get people off their seats…

Dung Beetle.JPG

switching feet mid hop wouldnt be hard at all, and it wouldnt impress me.