Video of Julien Renaud !


I have been unicycling for 2 years now but I started riding trial and street in May 2005. So here is my video:

Julien Renaud 2005 ( right click to save )

its about 4 minutes long

Please post what ever comments come to your head.That mean that if you find that it sucks; say it and if you find that its good; say it !

I hope you will enjoy it !

p.s.: sorry for the switching in the video’s quality

Couldnt see the hole thing but it was good. keep it up

that was really good… i liked it a lot… it was a bit confusing going from super nice to crap quality though


thanks gusy, you can also see my pretty retarded drop in the bail section but at that time i didnt understand the rolling off part :frowning:

Cool vid

Hi Julien. Nice vid. You seem like you’re a lot better now than the last time I saw you. Or maybe you were just holding back last time.

Good job man.

Dope video dawg. Good stuff.

sweet grind. seriously. and that 360 unispin was awesome! much love man.

bon video, lache po a patate men mais jcrois ke tu devrais faire plus d’uni spin kand tu ride street:D mais autre ke sa toute étais pomal nice

Wow julien

Il est vraiment fort ton video mais la musique est vraiment mauvaise tu devrais la changer mais cest vraiment best.

Thats a good movie. Thanks to put my name in the generic at the end:P
Good job Julien xxxxxxx Love ya:P


Yup yup yup… I taught him well.


Sweet movie


all I can say is

really,really nice gaps and nice rail riding !

work on your highjump !

I can’t do it better than you ! :o

ride on

Nice rails.
Nice unispins
Nice Park-bench-mount
Nice Bails
Nice vid.

Well said, I can do like 65 cm ( 25" ) but SOMEONE didnt film it. I promise Ill work on the high jump.

thanks for all the comments guys !


SUCH A LIAR JUL! Besides, you know I deserve it. :wink:

I agree it was just a stupid joke. For all the tips you gave me and for all the thing that I learned from you, you really deserve it.

( Ohohoh jtai parler en anglais )

Hey that was great! I really enjoyed it! Keep Making them! exclamation mark!!

Friggin saweet video. I have to start riding with yo guys. You rock. Keep up the good work!!!


I know that thing :smiley: