video of a unicycle century

Hey sportsfans!

My buddy and I did a century ride on our 36ers this weekend, and one of our crew was kind enough to make a video documenting the event! It’s a great video of a great ride, check it out:

As an added bonus for the Black Cock fans out there, there’s plenty of demonstration and description of the double header in action by the man who whelped them himself!

All props to Monty the mad bastard videographer of our bunch for filming, editing, and posting to youtube.


Luv it!


Don’t worry, it’ll do you no harm!

We did all the suffering so you could enjoy it from the comfort of your personal youtube connection!

Once again with full feeling in my nards,

glad to hear you have full feeling again! you do realize you linked to the same video 3 times right? hahaha! this Really makes me mad that I didn’t bother signing up and training for RTB, you plan on doing it again next year?

That’s because it’s packed with so much unicycling goodness that once wasn’t enough!

I think I’ll do it again next year, yeah. You should too! No matter what distance you’re up for, based on the kinds of rides you’ve talked about doing there’s a ride for you on Reach the Beach.