Video - Northshore structures at local fete...

Today was a great day. Well it actually started off terrible but picked up. This morning I went out on a muni ride with a friend of mine only to find that my favourite trail (a beautiful steep, technical singletrail) has been turned into a boring fire trail! It had been my goal for about a year and a half to ride it all in one go without falling and I never got the chance to accomplish it. :frowning:

But then we realised that the recent bush fire on Mt Cootha has left a wonderful black hillside with all the rocks exposed. So we did the first freeride style muni we’d ever done. I really enjoyed it.

Anyway onto the video…

Straight after this muni ride I went to the local school fete to join in for some very informal bike demos. They had a great northshore setup there and I spent hours riding around on it. Here’s what I filmed…

Northshore fete demo (3MB, 65sec)


Sorry to do this everyone but…

Brian, please go on MSN.


great video Andrew, and some even greater riding. Nice tumble at the end. Did you break the supporting wood underneath? That looked…heinous.

Thanks. Yeah I broke it, they told me I wouldn’t…I showed them! :slight_smile:


Yah that was pretty crazy when you broke that peice… But looks like definite mega fun…

:)Truely awsome.


Good to hear music back in your video’s again. Great riding.


Good stuff Andrew.


how come your video is 3.65 MB and about 1 minute’s worth of ridding while mie is six minutes of ridding but 64MB!?

[end thread-jacking]

Thanks guys, it really was lots of fun!

That’s an interesting comment. The music in the video is actually part of a song that our band recorded.

I seem to remember that you’ve been using Windows Movie Maker to edit your video…that’s right isn’t it? If so it sounds like you’ve saved it as something along the lines of what they call “High quality video (small)”. The way I saved mine (you may have ot have Movie Maker 2 to do this, not sure) was to select the file size I wanted. I thought 3MB was reasonable, so Movie Maker set the rest accordingly.

All the smaller video tutorials at are saved as “High quality video (small)”.


Some photos of the muni and trials…

Nice! I like it. You play drums right?


Yeah that’s right. Actually the song in the video is a rough cut version of the one we’ve recorded…I think they (our sax player and her colleagues at uni) still have some post production stuff to do to it for an assessment.


amazing, as always

how do u get involved in all these bike trials demos?


Well we do one or two of these northshore type demos at local school fetes through the bike shop and the MTB club. And most of the other demos I’m involved in are through the Brisbane Bike Trials club. I found a bike trials competition some months ago and have done about 5 competitions since then. I’ve met a whole bunch of really nice bike trials riders, some of who organise these demos. So they just call me up when there’s a demo on.


Re: Video - Northshore structures at local fete…

Hey Andrew,

That was great!

The riding was great (I especially liked how you cranked up that
sloping round pole twice),

the video was great (nice how you just included picking up the uni at
the end, “no injury” is the message),

the compilation jpg is handy (thanks for making that on so many

and I quite like your band’s music!

That’s all for tonight.

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Way to go Andrew!

Thanks for the trials clinic - again! I watch, study, emulate, repeat.