Video Night/Unicycle Zone


I’ve been part of the unicycling newsgroup for years, enjoyed reading and
learning from all of you, but have never jumped in myself. John Foss encouraged
me to share some of the things that are happening with my involvement with
unicycling. I lead a 6 year unicycle “movement” in Central California called
“Unipsycho!” It consists of about 150 loosely associated riders, many I have
taught at my school, neighborhood, or have the misfortune of being within 10
feet of me.

This year we are featuring 2 special unicycling events here in Modesto: The
Extreme Unicycling Family Video Night (which we had last Friday night) and The
Unicycle Zone at the Modesto Family Bicycling Festival on May 19th. The video
night (at a local school) was extremely successful and loads of fun. I had a
video projector so we could watch it on larger scale, set up big speakers, and
had snacks available. Of course we watched “UNiVERsE” and everyone went wild.
People were coming in from a nearby baseball field to see what all the yelling
and noise was about! It was family-oriented event and everyone went away amazed
and pumped-up.

I will include an e-mail I have already sent to the “Unipsycho!” group earlier
about the Unicycle Zone. If you are around the area and would like to join us on
May 19th, please drop by and join in on the fun! I will keep the newsgroup
informed of further details of the event as it draws closer.

Bruce Clifton

Mark your calendars for the Unicycling Main Event of the Year!

On Saturday, May 19th, 2001 come to the first-ever… UNICYCLE ZONE at the
Modesto Family Cycling Festival

Who: All unicyclists and their families

Where: I Street in Downtown Modesto near the County Courthouse

When: Saturday, May 19th

Why: To assemble all the unicyclists in and out of the area for a day of fun,
riding, demonstrations, and making connections with other unicyclists!

Reasons to Come: Þ Performance and workshops by John Foss, world renown
unicyclist and President of the Unicycling Society of America Þ Unicycle
workshops, demonstrations and an “open stage” will be featured! Þ A group photo
of all unicyclists at 11:00 a.m. Þ Entertainment, activities, and raffle
giveaways for all members of the

family due to the connection with the Modesto Family Cycling Festival.

Questions? Þ Call Bruce Clifton at (209) 526-5033 or email