Video: MUNI v1 - Northstar and Geared Muni

Howdy all,
I finished a new movie.

A post on my blog about it:

A direct link to download the High Quality movie, H.264 encoded (get quick time), 22 MB, 1:59 runtime:

Featuring: Chuck, Corbin, Jason, Louise, Bevan and appearances of Kevin.

There is a small section of my riding my 24" geared muni in high gear (it says “Corbin / High Gear” before the section).

I also have a YouTube version, but the quality is so crappy that I don’t even want to post the link. Find it under my youtube user: corbinstreehouse if you want to see that version.


Awesome! Glad I looked here since I would have expected it to be in the video forum. :slight_smile:

Yes, nice vid.

How funny, I had no idea there was a forum just for videos. I’ll probably continue to post things here, since most people probably read just one forum.


Whoa! That geared up downhill looked like a blast.

Nice vid. What kind of camera are you using?

Canon HV20 High Definition Camcorder – it is 1080i. I use Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor – I’m still learning all programs…


Also, a version on facebook:

The quality is pretty good there too.


what did you use motion for?
and what method did you use in the compressor?

I use motion to do the push up of the text from under neath; you probably can do it in FCP, but it is easier to do in Motion, and allows you to control more parameters. It takes longer to render if you use Motion, but the results look better.

I use Compressor to generate the video .mov and an iPhone version. The results with Compressor are better quality for the same file size, when compared to what a normal Export does in FCP. I could have probably halved the file size if I set the actual pixel size to be smaller. I’m still learning Compressor; this was my first time using it.


Downhill geared uni just looked awesome. I’m going skiing at Northstar over break, I’m sure it’ll look quite different. :smiley:

Wow, you really didn’t know there was a video forum? You didn’t notice a shortage of videos being posted within the past year? Most people post and look for videos there.

Sweet video though, geared downhill muni looks scary haha.

Darn fine quality on that vid.

I didn’t even know Maestro actually rode, haha.

Deinterlacing should pretty much always be set. And motion tracking or getting a plugin to remove handheld shake are a very easy way to fix the shake.

Sweet video. =p

Tadaa! lol, good video.

Hi Jeremy – Why do you think it needs to be de-interlaced? I’m guessing that you are seeing some horizontal lines though it…but, you shouldn’t see this. Can you take a screen shot of the interlaced effect and show it to me? I’d like to correct it. I’m guessing you are using windows, and some video player that isn’t Quicktime. QuickTime on mac looks fine with it.

Also, most parts weren’t shot with a tripod, nor would it really have worked to use it…I can eliminate shake in Motion or FCP, but I didn’t think there was a need. I guess it is just a matter of opinion and personal preference!


Nope! I had no idea. I think videos still apply to…hopefully people will continue to post them here.


? That’s the very reason there is a video forum. Just as there’s a separate forum for buying/selling (trading post) and all the others. Just makes it easier and more convenient to know exactly where to look for a specific topic. :smiley:

Ugh, I can only watch vids on youtube…
Someone should youtube this as a treat for little Jackie.

Haha that’s what I suggested, but Corbin’s a non-youtube/Mac/quicktime/apple/if you want to see it you have to DL this big file only snob! ;);):wink: