Video: muni at Unicon

Yesterday’s muni competitions at Unicon were held in Vånga, Sweden. Being so close to where I live I just had to go there. I brought my video cam and here is the result:

It was interesting but the downhill track was too easy for me… :slight_smile: I hope i will be there next year in New Zeland and i hope there will be better downhill (more technical)… :smiley:

Muni at Unicon

Thanks for putting that up Goldenchicken! I enjoyed it.

Mooog, Having a track being easier or harder is not the whole issue. How fast you can do it is also very important otherwise it would just be a Trials course!


looks like a fun track.

would of been nice to see some more 24"s or a 29"
and that white try all wouldn’t of been enjoying all that


I didn’t see any 29er on the north shore trail. But 20" was very common.

Thanks for posting - nice footage. That’s cool how you got many riders, including my son Beau.

I thought the races went pretty well considering the huge numbers of people who entered. I would’ve made the cross country longer, at least twice as long. And maybe split into two heats - someone said it was 400 people racing in one heat - is that possible?

I initially thought the uphill was too hard, but after riding it, I think it was perfect for a world championship course. And it was done dismount free by at least one rider. It just needed a rule that would DQ a rider if they didn’t make the first say 20m or so in some number of seconds. I was taken out repeatedly in the downhill by crashers and that was a drag, but the course was ok. The start of all 3 races was chaotic and difficult.


I got you as well Nathan – but you were not riding so that clip didn’t qualify for the final cut :wink:

It does sounds much. All in all there were ‘only’ five busloads of competitors and perhaps 20 cars standing at the lot.

Uphill was indeed steep and long. Some riders were very persistant and remounted so many times that in the end they only had strength enough for one pedal stroke and a giggle. Perhaps there should be a limit?

im so jealous

Nice video. Looked like mostly trials unis not MUnis.

How do you mean? You couldn’t ride it (or maybe could ride it but not fast) because it was too easy? So you had to earn your MUni expert points with the uphill and the north shore? :slight_smile:

I competed in track races at UNICON today but the track was too easy for me :slight_smile:

The north shore track was built up from a series of sections were the riding was judged. Between the sections competitors were alowed to walk their unicycles. Since time wasn’t critical I would say that 20" was a good choice.

looks fun :smiley: , they really fall a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
If I go next year to unicon i will also try the muni :wink: because the mountain looks really nice :slight_smile:

I presume you won the downhill then?

Awesome footage, that looked like a lot of fun!


nice vid!:wink:

I ride Muni-downhill a lot and i like very technical parts. I was on second place and only 3 seconds behind first place in category of 16-19 years. I ride with 147mm cranks but I’m so sorry not to ride with 137mm there. But, see ya in New Zeland. :smiley:

More 20’’ then I expected.

Looked like fun.


It’s pretty awesome… awezome.:smiley:

Actually, time kind of did matter more than people think. Since there were only 12 obstacles there were bound to be many ties which then the faster rider won. Since I knew this I decided to skip two of the obstacles that I didn’t think I could do, although looking back at them afterwards I probably could have done at least one of them.

Anyways, I raced down as fast as possible skipping 2 obstacles and not even trying them. I made all the other 10 obstacles on my first try with no falls the entire way down. Finished in 4 minutes and 50 seconds or something like that. Ended up getting 2nd place in my age category. I believe there were a ton of people that made 10 obstacles so time defintely mattered. I would say that a 24" was best for this race but 20" worked too.

Another thing that kinda sucked was I had an early start time, therefore the long log obstacle was really wet and slippery, and I though impossible to ride. Later in the day it dried off pretty good and gave the later start times an advantage. Although at least 2 obstacles broke during the day making them harder so it probably balenced it out.

I loved all the MUni events except the cross country. Too short and flat except for one hill. It gave a huge advantage to people that had 29" wheels, shlumpfs, etc. Therefore more of a who had the better equipment ($$) for the race, not necessarily the fastest. If everyone had the same size uni and cranks, it’d make it a more fair, apples to apples race (kind of like track racing).