Video - more park trials...

Here’s another short video…good fun!

Agility park trials (3.8MB, 55sec)



Oh my goodness…look at the fantastic lines I didn’t even notice! Shame on me. Maybe next time I’m out that way I’ll give them a go - on the playground in the last clip I’ll hae to try 180’s up the parallel bars, then 90 onto one of them and ride down.


wow, terrific andrew!

did you have some high quality avis of these or other clips you wanted to send me still? let me know, i’m still working on your and tony’s section…

awesome stuff, and congratulations on the rail!


I have about 10 clips for you that you don’t have - pretty much all the best clips from these short movies I’ve been making. They’re widescreen, sorry, but shouldn’t be too difficult to crop and most of them will still be framed okay after cropping. I’ll put the AVI’s in an album for you with permissions set only for you…they’ll be about 3MB/sec.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to film any of those specific types of clips you wanted…I don’t think I’m the right person to do them anyway, really not a street rider.


Unfortunately Windows Movie Maker won’t let me save these widescreen clips as 3MB/sec AVI’s without squashing them into the 4:3 aspect ratio. I’ve saved them as “High quality video (large)” instead.

Do you have MSN Messenger? Can we talk?


Great stuff Andrew, I particularly like the backwards off the 3 little steps - nice finish - the rail is good too, looks about 3 inches wide or less?

BTW, your’l be pleased to hear I have finally finished my Links page on my website, I have included yours of course (twice!)



Yeah I guess it was around 3" maybe more…no less anyway. When a rail’s that width or smaller I tend not to move the wheel laterally much anyway and stick to trying to keep my body over the uni.

Thanks for the links, your site is looking great as always. That’s a very impressive links section you’ve got there.


awesome riding Andrew…makes me wish I had a trials uni (so I could bust my ass) :smiley:

i liked the last bit. talk about original!

Is it a Koxx uni you got there?
Just curius.

Hahaha, not quite…I believe a very similar line was in Universe. :slight_smile: I should hope a line like that has been done before, it’s just too fun to miss out on! It should be one of the first things spotted with ‘trials vision’. :wink:

I think one day soonish I’m going to go for a drive in search of more parks and playgrounds like this.


No, it’s a KH with two big Maxxis stickers down the fork legs. Hopefully upgrading to Profiles on it soon, or the new KH Onza hub and crank set.