Video - Mary Wegscheider 2011

New video (; enjoy it ((:


comments are appreciated.
Mary :roll_eyes:

That was great! All of the tricks and combos were really nice! The editing and filming was also awesome!

Great vid :smiley:

The editing was significantly better than most vids IMO.

realy wel edited, good music, and your riding is getting good!!

The first flatland part was really good :smiley: But i didn’t really like the trial part, way too many pedalgraps… All in all it was a good video… :slight_smile:

What car is that? Starlet? Golf?

Golf :wink:

Starlet is much better riding on :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Amazing edit and riding! I loved it!

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Hello, Nice style, nice riding, nice video :slight_smile: