Video: March Madness

vanuni had 3 days of unicycle madness. Here’s the vid:

Friday we had a movie night. Kris showed Union, which he sponsered. AnSo showed some French videos. I showed some vanuni videos.

Saturday we rode trials at UBC. Kris taught us crank grabs. Tynan broke a crank off.

Sunday we rode muni at SFU. Jeanine did great at her first muni ride. Byron (world champion mountain biker) practiced before heading to moab.

Hope you enjoy. -phth

Another good one!

But shakier than most.:o

Looked like an enjoyable trip in the rain that good stuff :slight_smile:

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I enjoyed watching… kinda wishing I could have joined though. :slight_smile:

What is lonelier than one wheel…

not much…

Its shaky because

  1. a bunch of it was shot by my kids :slight_smile: Their filming technique isnt great, but they get so much footage, they always capture some good moments. And it lets me ride more.
  2. I dont use a tripod, and like to keep the camera moving and close to the action. Sometimes that means running.

A little shaky is okay… it adds to the precariousness.

The muni ride was after the rain. Wet slime is slippery as ice. Thats why Blennophobia - Fear of slime, is on my list of uniphobias

But the myst filmed nicely.
The opposite of our slick slimy north shore muni is Moab. Slick rock is a misnomer. Wish I could be there.

Real slick. :slight_smile:

The filming of the muni section was excellent and I liked the music, great video. It really makes me want to get out there and fit in a muni ride.

Looks like a lot of Vancouver uni’ing happening in the rain last weekend. Good to know we weren’t the only ones out riding in the relentless downpours. :smiley: